Visual Context in Web Design

Effective web design - what is it?
If you want to achieve serious heights and build a successful career as a web designer, then you definitely need to know the key criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of…

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Basic web design elements. How to create an effective website thanks to them?
For the construction of any building requires certain building materials. As a rule, for each type of structure they constantly remain the same, only the shape and overall design of…

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Who is a web designer: creator, psychologist, artist, layout designer?
The popularity of the profession of web designer every year increases by an average of 15-20% in all corners of the world. This craft, although quite difficult to learn, however,…

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Buttons in web design

It’s simple, the buttons mark an area so that I can click on it. In essence, it is on the buttons that we apply the basic attributes of the design language so that then it has its effect on more complex components. Below I presented 12 lessons that I learned based on working with primary (primary button), secondary (secondary button) buttons, as well as other types of buttons.

Primary buttons
No. 1. Decide on the style of the system

Buttons are the purest atomic expression of the visual style of a system. The button consists of three inextricable attributes of the so-called “big three” – color, font and iconography. Buttons also need to take into account the space: internal padding (in particular to the left and right of the inscription) and external margin (affecting other elements). Buttons can even affect attributes such as fillet (or border-radius) and elevation (or box-shadow). Continue reading

Where to look for fresh website design ideas, or how to catch inspiration?

As I understand you! That’s why I decided to create a post dedicated to the answer to one of the most burning questions of web designers: how to get inspired, find fresh ideas for website design and, at the same time, not go down to plagiarism? Where is that extremely blurry line where the inspiration of someone else’s ideas for web design turns into theft?

How to wake up a creator in yourself?
Even the most experienced web designers begin their work on the site by looking at others. This does not mean that they want to steal someone else’s idea. Just in this way they awaken creativity within themselves.

Seen enough of good work – and forward, to the exploits. To bring together the best of what is seen on the network in your unique, best project. I advise you to treat this lesson as an important task and serious research work. Continue reading

Landing Page Website Design

Before you talk about how to make a selling website design in the form of a landing page that will help you make money on the new Porsche Cayenne, you need to identify its key objectives.

The fundamental goal of developing a Landing Page is to collect customer contacts for further negotiations or to sell goods or services directly. Based on this idea, you need to think about how to create a website design that fits your target audience, market specifics and features of the product provided.

In the next sentence, I will write the most important rule that you need to write on the sticker, hang it in front of you and constantly look at it during the development of the Landing Page or the preparation of the technical task for the webmaster.

Each element and module on the landing should be aimed at increasing confidence in you or provoking a client to buy a product, order a service or leave contacts for further communication. Perhaps this sounded not so epic as Bruce Lee’s about 10,000 hits, but in terms of importance, which is converted into earned money, it is not inferior. Continue reading

Best Photoshop Plugins for Web Design

Of course, such a powerful and multifunctional graphic editor as Adobe Photoshop, in itself, is an excellent tool for working in the field of web design, although there are many other specialized programs. But one of the main advantages of Photoshop is its openness to the dynamic connection of other applications, which allows you to significantly expand the capabilities of the graphics editor to create a website design.

Go beyond Photoshop
We don’t try to eloquently declare that plugins are our everything, especially since for beginner web designers it’s more important to directly study the wide possibilities of Photoshop, but if you decide to take the matter seriously and don’t intend to stop there, then some additional knowledge will help you become a really good designer many times faster.

Moreover, in the conditions of rapidly growing competition in the field of freelance, this knowledge will certainly not be superfluous. In addition, the Internet is replete with video tutorials that will greatly enrich the luggage of your web design knowledge. By the way, some of them can be obtained for free. Continue reading

Where does website design development begin?

In this article, I have most succinctly accommodated a large amount of theoretical information from the best books on web design, removing all excess water and translating the contents into a language understandable for ordinary mortals.

First steps
Before you begin your journey to the top of your career as a web designer, you need to understand the basic principles of creating such projects. You shouldn’t immediately rush headlong into a graphic editor and smear your creative ideas on canvas.

Design for the site begins with a smile defining the information model of the project and the formation of its approximate graphic model. The purpose of the Internet resource may be the sale of goods or the provision of any services. In this case, the design structure should be aimed at the convenience of moving around the catalog with products and provoking the visitor to a purchase.

The purpose of creating a site may be to develop a platform for an information resource. Such a format requires unusual, interesting graphics and juicy, fascinating content that would make you linger on the page longer. Continue reading

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